Professional equipment

New Japan AMADA Laser Compound Processing Machine, Servo Hydraulic Compound Folding Machine

Assist customers with product development with professional production equipment, so that the size and quality of the finished product can be more stable and efficient. It also supports a variety of services such as subsequent product assembly and surface treatment.

  • Model: Guocheng 1/2 Tapping Machine
    Name: Tapping Machine

  • Model: KD-S340
    Name: Drilling machine

  • Model: TPM-150
    Name: Hydraulic machine

  • Model: NC618
    Name: Smart riveting machine

  • Model: KD-5340 (TP)
    Name: Drilling machine

  • Model: Guocheng 3/8 Tapping Machine
    Name: Tapping Machine


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248 No. 2, Lane 2, Section 3, Chengtai Road, Wugu District, New Taipei City